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Honeystone Panels provide an affordable alternative to full size natural stone slabs; they offer a lightweight, flexible and durable solution for technically difficult applications such as interior and exterior cladding within seismic zones, airports or elevators. 

Imported from Italy, Honeystone Panels are specifically noted for their hexagonal based cells that are made up 70µ thick aluminum foils with a diameter spanning 6.35 mm, 9.52mm, 12.70mm or 19.05mm.  The standard thickness for the panel itself ranges between 3mm – 55mm with two layers of fiberglass skin that is bonded to the core.

Basic Testing:

Wind Resistance – design wind pressure, 2400 Pa; safety wind pressure, 3200 Pa
Fire Retardant – Class 0 surface rating; non-combustible and preventative toward flame spread
Freeze/Thaw – high resistance to freezing and thawing without issues pertaining to expansion and contraction of joints

Basic Specifications:

Weight – approximately 5kg/m2 – 15mm
Max Load – 0.256 kg/mm2
Temperature Resistance – 21 cycles without defects
Compression Resistance – 2.7kg/mm2