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Marble is rich and luxurious. It comes in pure white, creamy neutrals, warm subtle earth tones, as well as brilliant shades from the golden hues of yellow all the way to jet-black. Dramatic veins and colours give each piece a distinctive look. 

Compared to granite, marble is a much softer stone. It can be used for fireplace surrounds, flooring, sinks, vanities, closets, pillars, fountains, benches, architectural trim, sculptures and for limited counter top use.

Marble counter tops can be found in a wide variety of different hues and colors.  The color of the stone is determined by the area from which the marble was mined. 

Of the natural stones available, marble is often viewed as the most elegant option and is often used as a highlight in the home by installing it on top of an island, wet bar, or insert.

Note: The photos of marble on our website are a representation of the colours, but please note that they are subject to availability and will vary in colour and pattern from slab to slab.